25 Gifts for Guys Under $25 For All the Men in Your Life

25 gifts for $25Before we went to grandma’s house, Chico went shopping and look what he found! 25 Great Gifts for Under $25 for all the men in your life!

Chico thinks that life is stressful enough and who has time for all that shopping anyway? He knows too that most of you are shopping with a budget. So here are his 25 picks. Happy Shopping!





25 gifts for $25HAPPY SHOPPING! Chico knows that although we are all Chihuahua lovers, we still have to shop for gifts, right? He also knows that most of us want to stick to a budge. So Chico decided that he would share with you all the guy gifts that he found for $25.00 and under. Here are Chico’s 25 gifts for under $25 for the men in your life.

Who has time for all that shopping stress? Chico did it for you to save you both time and money!

This started a competition between my three fur babies. Don’t miss Pebble’s list of 25 gifts under $25 for women and Remedy Jane’s list of 25 gifts under $25 for everyone on your list.


“To my husband, I loved you then, I love you still, always have, always will” Cardholder

“if you can read this” – “Bring me a cup of coffee” Socks

“If you can read this” – “Bring me a beer” Socks