4 Great Tips: Apartment Living With a Chihuahua


Do you live in an apartment? Then you need to read this. If you don’t the tips mentioned can still help you keep peace with your neighbors.

It’s Time to Potty:

What to do when your Chihuahua has to potty. We lived in an apartment for 3 months while my husband was having some medical treatment. The toughest part for me was that our apartment was on the fourth floor. There was an elevator, but it was waaaaay down the hall. The stairs were closer, so I went up and down those stairs 4 or 5 times a day! Yes, I know, it was good exercise, but there were many times when I had to drop what I was doing at a very inconvenient time to take them out. Thank goodness it was only for 3 months!

The PuppyPro toilet training tray below is exactly what I needed and it would be MUCH better to use for housetraining than potty pads because it mimics real grass! Customers who have bought it love it.

My advice is to try to get an apartment on the first floor close to the outside door or exit.
If you can’t go outside a great alternative that I wish I had known about then, is you can bring the outside in. Bring in real grass. There are several options on the market.

Accidents happen. When they do a portable pet vacuum (the one below has a lift-away canister, is lightweight, and is a customer favorite) is a necessity, and then use a pet deodorizer such as Natures Miracle.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise:

Keeping your dog stimulated physically and mentally on a daily basis is also a must. Bored and under-stimulated Chihuahuas can be destructive Chihuahuas.

Find a dog park near you and get interactive toys that will keep their minds working too.

Prevention is Always Key:

Make sure there is nothing within your Chihuahua’s reach that you don’t want to be destroyed. Put valuables away.

Chihuahuas actually make very good apartment dogs. They need to get plenty of exercise, but not the long and strenuous kind of exercise some dogs need. No need to take these little guys on a long hike.

Chihuahuas make great little watchdogs, except when they don’t!

The Problem of Barking:

It’s part of the job of being a Chihuahua – barking a warning. The problem happens when he or she barks not only at a stranger coming up the driveway, or a new dog in the neighborhood, but when he or she barks at a wrapper from a trash can blows past your door.

You don’t want to discourage him or her from being the awesome little watchdogs they are meant to be, but you need to teach them “enough”. If you teach them when it is “enough” barking, then they won’t bark all day at every little thing they hear while you are gone.

Home Alone

Finally, if you are going for long periods of time (never leave your dog alone more than 8-10 hours – and 10 is stretching it), hire a dog walker to come and walk him and keep him company for a little while during that time.

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If at all possible, get another dog. Dogs are social and having a companion while you are away may help him feel less lonely.

These are just 4 of many ways you can make apartment life easier for you and your Chihuahua!