Why does Buying from a Responsible Breeder Matter?

Going to a rescue organization and shelters are to be commended. However, many may decide to bring a new puppy into their homes also. There is no need to feel guilty about this. Humans have a long history of breeding dogs with love, ethics and concern for the health and welfare of the their dogs.

We want to help you be certain that your hard earned cash goes to a breeder who has put his/her heart into producing healthy dogs that are representatives of the breed. 

Buying a Dog is NOT an Impulse Buy

Think through this purchase, and please do your research about the breed before you buy. This is a living, breathing creature. Be certain that a Chihuahua is right for you and your family before you make a purchase. The following is a list of Chihuahua Breeders that you can be sure are responsible and trustworthy, after all they are Chihuahua lovers too!

Never, ever buy any dog from a pet store! Regardless of what they tell you, these puppies come from puppy mills. These poor little dogs are bred over and over again. The breeders only concern is making a profit. You may think that when buying from a store that gets their puppies from puppy mills that you are “rescuing” him or her, but rest assured all you are really doing is perpetuating the puppy mill industry. Please see; What’s wrong with buying a puppy from a pet store?

I have done the research for you and the following is a list of RESPONSIBLE Chihuahua breeders that you can trust. Please visit their website to get more information.


ChiChiBabies Chihuahuas raises happy, healthy and social Chihuahua puppies, well-loved by our family, to make ideal pets for yours. We have both coat types and all colors possible in Chihuahuas. Our dogs are our pets first, and our puppies are raised under foot in our home where they receive 24/7 love, attention and socialization. Our purpose is to serve our breed, and those who love our breed, to the very best of our ability. As a result, we offer lifetime support for our New Owners and are always available to answer questions, so please don’t hesitate to email or call (phone number available on website).


Highland Hills Chihuahuas:

Hello I am Michelle Cecil, I have been breeding Chihuahuas and only Chihuahuas for about 15 years. When I started I figured out I had a lot to learn , read books, went to the AKC website  met other responsible breeders and added that all to my own personal experience. I have been showing for about 12 years and learning more about the standard as I go.  I breed as close to the AKC standard as possible by researching pedigrees and breeding away from genetic faults. I strive to breed show dogs but all pups cannot make it into the ring, therefore the others are sold as excellent quality pets, with limited AKC registrations, spay or neuter contracts….not for breeding.


BonBon Chihuahuas:

We have been voted Number One Houston Tx Chihuahua Breeder. If you are looking at AKC Chihuahua Puppies then look no further! We have been voted the Top AKC Chihuahua Breeder in all of Texas by We are not a large scale breeder. Dogs are raised in our home with litters and available puppies with very limited numbers. This is the best place to find information about AKC Chihuahua Puppies. Learn if a chi puppy under 6 pounds is right for you! We understand that chihuahuas are great for people who are limited on space and can really be a help for people who live in apartments, condos or  high rise. This is the same reason ALL of our babies are litter box trained! We know it is difficult to look for AKC chihuahua puppies if you aren’t local and must look only on the internet. This is why we do LOTS of high quality photos and videos. You can learn more about our puppies this way, instead of just seeing a couple of pictures. We DO NOT sell any of our chihuahua puppies to large kennels, backyard breeders or puppymills. We ask lots of questions, so don’t be offended if we sound nosy and we reserve all rights to refuse to sell to anyone we don’t see fit as a wonderful home for one of our puppies. Continue Reading:


Darlene and Bradford’s Chihuahuas

The love for Chihuahuas inspired our friendship several years ago. We both have years of experience working with, breeding & training this amazing Breed.
We breed to the standard of the breed set by the American Kennel Club and have both long coat and smooth coat Chihuahuas. We’ve put forth a lot of time & research toward the bloodlines of our breeding program as you will see in the pedigrees of our parents. No expense is spared on the health and welfare of our pets. All of our dogs are AKC registered. They go to the Vet and are current on shots. Every effort is put into the health and temperaments of our parents & puppies. We’ve taken a break from showing our Beautiful Chihuahuas this past year. Darlene has had some health problems and my dear husband has been busy constructing a new place in our home for our newest Chihuahua babies.


Cathy’s Charming Chihuahuas

I am a chihuahua breeder in upstate NY. We have both long coat and smooth coat chihuahua puppies. My interest in breeding chihuahuas grew from my love of the breed. I have loved chihuahuas all my life and have been raising them for 14 years now. The parents of my puppies are friendly, sweet little dogs. Our chihuahuas are our family pets and we love them very much:) They receive the best vet care, excellent and daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy:)They love to spend time with us outdoors especially on warm sunny days:)
Breeding is always done very carefully with my veterinarians advice and support. It is very important to me that my puppies go to the very best homes that I can find for them.I will have questions for you and I welcome any questions that you will have for me. Each puppy will have a vet exam, first puppy shots, and a written health guarantee when you take them home. They will also have a puppy starter kit with everything you will need to make your baby comfortable and a photo album with pictures of your new baby that was started
when your baby was only 1 day old . Because we love them, no puppies can leave our home until they are at least 11 weeks old and have had their first two puppy shots. We do not ship our  puppies. We love to keep in contact with the families that adopt our puppies and welcome pictures and updates as the puppies grow!:)