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Here you will find articles and videos on a variety of subjects. I will share with you stories about my amazing journey from being a mom that never had a Chihuahua to having three and beyond. It is an amazing story with a lot of humor, laughter, and many tears and frustrations along the way. (See Remedy’s Story)

Share with us stories about your Chihuahua. We would love to hear from you. Stories that are either informational, funny or inspirational. I will review them and if they are appropriate I will share them with all our readers with or without your name or your dog’s name mentioned which ever you prefer. Just leave your stories and comments in the comment in the contact form below.

I will share with you stories about my journey as a mom that never had a Chihuahua to having three and how we got here. It was quite a journey with happy moments, funny moments and serious and scary moments.


From the Boston Globe, Jan. 18, 2018 In  2016 the pet industry was a 66.75 billion dollar industry, in 2017 the Read more.
Pets In The Lap Of Luxury
loss of dog, losing a beloved pet is devastating
Losing my first beloved dog The loss of a dog, a beloved best friend is one of the most difficult Read more.
6 Effective Strategies To Help Handle Grief When You Lose A Best Friend
It’s that time of year when we start to get dry, itchy skin. Dogs also get dry, flaky, itchy skin. Read more.
5 Essential Steps To Help Your Dog With Dry Flaky Skin
January 2nd is National Pet Travel Safety Day. I take my dogs with me everywhere I go, and I think Read more.
Pet Travel Safety Day
be sure to exercise your dog in cold weather
Cold Weather and Exercise I don’t know what the temperature is in “your neck of the woods”, but it’s downright frigid Read more.
8 Great Ideas To Exercise Your Dog in Cold Weather That Will Inspire You
Did You Rescue Your Chihuahua? If you did, then you are to be commended. Thank you on behalf of all Read more.
5 Signs That Your Rescued Dog Was Abused
This Chihuahua Saves Life Of Owner Six Times I love to share inspiring stories of Chihuahuas overcoming obstacles and those with Read more.
Chihuahua Saves Man’s Life Six Times
Holidays Are The Time For Giving “tis the season for giving, or so the saying goes. Chihuahua rescue organizations need help. Read more.
A Voice for Chihuahuas This Season of Giving
  Bringing a new puppy into your life? Congratulations! You’ll need lots of new supplies. So you don’t forget anything, Read more.
New Puppy? Here is Your Supply Checklist
What Only Chihuahua Owners Know I have come up with these 10 things that only Chihuahua owners know, but, if Read more.
10 Things Only Chihuahua Owners Know