Do you love technology? Do you barely understand technology?

Never fear, this list of the latest and greatest pet technology is easy and simple to use and understand, but will also satisfy the techies.

  • Winner CES 2017 Best Of Innovation.
  • Locate a lost dog with fast and accurate GPS location tracking
  • Customized activity recommendations tailored to your individual dog (LINK AKC Smart Collar is recommended for dogs 15 pounds and above).
  • Remote turn on light to see your dog in the dark, remote turn on sound feature to aid with training and temperature alerts
  • SERVICE PLAN: LINK AKC requires a service plan for connectivity; plans are as low as $5.50 per month. Plans include an extended warranty on the tracking unit, a puppy guarantee for size/ fit, and complimentary access to the Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 animal poison control center
  • And many more cool features!
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