ChiChis And Me

Chi: Short for Chihuahua…….which is hard to spell ChiChi: adjective: frilly, splashy, swank, trendy…….Chihuahuas are all of those things and SO MUCH MORE!

What is a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog. Because of their diminutive size, they need a little different care and considerations.

This website is dedicated to the Chihuahua breed. I want to share what makes the Chihuahua Breed unique and special and to change people’s perceptions of Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas, unfortunately, have a bad reputation. This, in my opinion, is in large part because owners and Chi parents don’t understand or know that Chihuahuas do need a little different care than other dogs.

I want to help all Chihuahua parents to have healthy, happy, well-adjusted dogs. I want ALL Chihuahuas to be the happy and amazing little dogs that they are meant to be.

Many Chihuahuas are surrendered because owners just don’t realize that they may be unknowingly causing some of the negative behaviors in their dog, or how to change those behaviors once they have started. As a result, many Chi owners just surrender them out of frustration.

Chihuahuas are VERY loyal and protective. But those wonderful qualities can be channeled into not so desirous qualities by how they are raised and how they are treated.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]Together we can make life better for ALL Chihuahuas ~ Linda, ChiChis And Me[/beautifulquote]

What are some of the things you’ve heard about Chihuahuas? “Mean little yippie dogs”, “little ankle biters”, “Mexican pit bulls”, etc. Ask people you know if Chihuahuas are nice little dogs and find out what people think. I’ve even heard from supposed “Chihuahua experts” that some Chihuahuas are just born mean! Really??? There are some pretty mean people in the world, how many do you think were “born” that way? Believe me when I say: Chihuahuas are not BORN mean!

Are you experiencing unwanted behavior in your Chi? We can help. You can leave a comment, or question in the comments section below or email me and we will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours.