4 Ways to Exercise Your Chihuahua That is Fun For Them And You

Do Chihuahuas Need Exercise?

Although they are small and can get a pretty good workout in a small apartment, they still need to exercise. Walking is always the best exercise for them and for you. As a caution, though, be aware that these are tiny dogs. They have to take so many steps to keep up with you that they may tire out quickly on a walk. Also be aware in the summer that tiny paws can burn quickly on very hot pavement. There are many reasons, however, that walking might not be possible:

  • People are very busy in today’s world.
  • Elderly or disabled owners may not physically be able to take their dog for a walk.
  • It is raining or snowing outside

Do not despair, there are many other ways that your dog can get the exercise they need without a lot of time or effort on your part. If the weather is bad they get indoor exercise!

Here are a few suggestions for some great indoor exercise:

Hide The Treat:

You know those awesome dogs that work for a living, like seeking out drugs or guns or other bad stuff? Did you know that while they are working, it’s fun for them? They think it’s a game, and they are just having a good time while giving their brain a workout too. Here’s something that will entertain both of you for some good indoor exercise. Set up a bunch of boxes or plastic cups or any other container and put their favorite treat or toy or bone under one, don’t let them see which one you put it under. Then encourage them to smell each box, when they get excited about the one with the treat or prize, turn it over and praise them and give them the treat or prize or play with them with the toy. As they get better at this game put down more boxes or containers and then space them further and further apart. He or she will get some great indoor exercise and you will be quite entertained.

Hide and Seek:

Do you (or did you) play hide and seek with your kids, or do you remember playing it when you were a kid? Well, guess what? It’s fun for your dog too. If your dog knows the “find it” command (if not, you can teach him, that would be fun too) show him a toy or something that you are going to hide, then put him somewhere, (or have someone else) and hide the object and tell him to “find it”. Give him clues if you need too. Point toward or walk toward where it is hidden. When he finds it make a really big deal out of what an amazing dog he is! He will get better and better at it and believe me you both will have tons of fun!

Come When Called:

If you have another person at home try this “come when called” game. Each of you stands apart and call your dog. When he comes give him a treat. Then each time keep moving farther and farther apart, even in a different room and eventually clear to the other end of the house. If you have stairs, make him run up and down the stairs (this is for exercise, after all). You don’t want to over-treat him, so after he gets better at it only treat him every other time.

Build Your Own Obstacle Course:

How about an obstacle course? Teach him to go over a box and under a chair through a box with both ends cut out, etc. Use your imagination and you both will have a great time and you will wear them out enough that they will sleep like…well puppies that night!

There are many great interactive toys you can buy that will also help on those cold, wintery days for indoor exercise. Here is one that I want, just haven’t bought it yet. Do you have one? Let us know what you think.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, the award-winning iFetch launches miniature tennis balls 10, 20, or 30 feet, saving the day (and your arm) when you’re too tired (or too busy) to keep playing. With the iFetch by your side, your fetch-loving dog will never be bored again. I don’t have one, but I’ve seen the reviews and I want one!  See review:

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