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Love to shop? Wish you could take your dog? Here is a list of the top ten most pet-friendly cities Read more.
More Stores Are Going Pet Friendly
Meet little Gracie, a one-eared Chihuahua. Another great rescue story Read more.
Meet Little Gracie, a One-Eared Chihuahua
It's that time of the year again when we start thinking about all the bugs our babies can pick up. Read more.
Debugging De Dog, Part I – Heartworms
Is your Chihuahua bad to the bone? How to stop all that bad behavior immediately! Read more.
How To Stop Your Chi’s Bad Behavior For Good
Tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires, OH MY! Would you know how to protect your Chihuahua in case of an emergency? Read more.
How to Prepare Your Chihuahua In Case of a Disaster
This potentially fatal canine flu is 100% contagious and is spreading all over the US. What is it and how Read more.
Warning! There is a new potentially deadly canine flu spreading across the US
Whether bringing home a new Chihuahua or just introducing your Chi to children or other dogs for the first time, Read more.
New Chihuahua? Introducing Them to Children and Other Dogs
I LOVE brushing my dog's teeth - said no one EVER! This DIY toothpaste will take the struggle out of Read more.
DIY Homemade Toothpaste
Imagine finding your dog (or cat) not breathing! Learn how to perform CPR on your pet, with pictures and video Read more.
What if your dog stopped breathing? Would you know what to do? How to Perform CPR
Great new pet product coming your way this summer! I LOVE it! Read more.
Available this summer, SureFlap app-controlled pet door
Is your dog getting older? 8 ways to help them get trough their senior years that your dog will thank Read more.
8 Ways to Help Your Chi Through Their Senior Years
Some people reason that because wild animals don't need flea and tick protection that their pets don't either Learn why Read more.
Is it really necessary to prevent and treat fleas and ticks? Why?
Read about this brave little Chihuahua that lost her leg. Read more.
Learn how this latest technology can help you and your vet keep your chi healthy longer! Read more.
If you're lucky enough to live in sunny California or someplace where it never gets colder than 50 degrees, you Read more.
Is Your Chihuahua Warm Enough?
While lick granulomas are difficult to cure, they are usually manageable. This is rarely a life-threatening condition, although it is Read more.
Dealing With a Nightmare Skin Condition
3 ways to stop aggressive, possessive behavior. If you follow these three steps, your Chi will be loved by everyone, Read more.
Is Your Chihuahua Sassy, or Surly?
Does your dog chew on everything within his or her reach? There are three main reasons dogs chew and how Read more.
Does your Chihuahua chew up everything within his or her reach? Here’s what you can do
Do you spoil your pooch with gifts? Do you like to give your friend's dogs (don't leave out the cats, Read more.
Top 10 Gifts Chihuahuas (& Other Dogs Too) Will Love!
We all dread the fact that our pets are getting older. Find out how you can prevent, treat and manage Read more.
Taking Care of Your Senior Chihuahua
I began to wonder, are Remedy and her entourage really enjoying it or am I encouraging a behavior that means Read more.
Why Do Dogs Howl?
Have you ever wondered why your dog licks you and everything else? 4 Reasons why.... Read more.
Why Does My Dog Lick Me and Everything Else?
Did you know that Nov. 6-12 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week? Here are 10 easy ways that you can Read more.
10 Ways You Can Show Appreciation For Your Local Animal Shelter
Why are some dogs afraid of hardwood floors? See how I cured my Chihuahua from being afraid of hardwood or Read more.
How to train your Chihuahua to walk on hard floors
You're going to love this canine couple, they are the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! Read more.
Cutest Canine Couple on Instagram!
Have you ever wondered if dogs grieve? Find out what the experts say.... Read more.
Do Dogs Grieve?
How do you know when it's time to take them to the vet? This may save you BIG money! Read more.
How to Know if Your Dog is Sick
Does your Chihuahua sleep with you? Watch this cute video of a Chihuahua sneaking on to the bed. Read more.
Chihuahua Sneaks Nap on the Bed!
There are so many dog food choices. How do you know which is best for YOUR dog? Find out how Read more.
Dry, Canned, Semi-Moist or Soft-Moist Dog Food. How To Know What’s Best For YOUR Chihuahua
This is the second in a three part series that will take all the guess work out of choosing the Read more.
Confused About Which Dog Food Is Best For YOUR Dog?
If you have lost a pet in death, the above organization and the Humane Society of the United States have Read more.
National Pet Memorial Day
How nutrients work. Part I in a series of IV. How to know if you are feeding your dog the Read more.
Are You Feeding Your Chi The Best Food? How Do You Know?
You may have heard these terms and wondered exactly what they mean Read more.
What is a Blue Chihuahua and What is a Merle Chihuahua?
Step By Step Instructions on How to Teach Your Chihuahua to Focus Only On You. For information about why this Read more.
Teaching Your Chi to Focus Only on You and Why It’s Important
One of the basic commands that every dog should know is the "down" command. It can be very frustrating to Read more.
How to Teach Your Chihuahua the “Down” Command
Having trouble teaching your Chi to sit? Here's the fix: READ MORE Read more.
How to teach your Chi to sit
Why does my dog eat poop? How to stop it! READ MORE Read more.
Does Your Chihuahua Have a Dirty Little Secret?
Chihuahuas can be prone to skin problems and it can be quite frustrating to try to figure out the cause Read more.
Does Your Chi Have Dry, Itchy Skin?
GREAT follow up news from Bubba the meth addicted Chihuahua. I thought you all would like to know the good Read more.
Follow up on Bubba, the Meth Addicted Chi
Do you wish you could really communicate with your Chihuahua? That he understood you and you could understand what he Read more.
6 Things Your Chihuahua May Be Trying To Tell You
What you need to know about teacup chihuahuas and breeders that breed them. Read more.
Teacup Chihuahuas – What you need to know!
Apple head or deer head you've probably heard these terms before regarding Chihuahuas. But, have you heard of a pear Read more.
Apple Head, Deer Head, What The Heck Is The Difference?
Are you an proponent of dominance based training methods? Do you prefer positive reinforcement training? Read this post to find Read more.
Discipline Your Chihuahua. Should You? How?

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