These are books that I have read personally and I recommend them. Although I get a small commission if you buy through this website, these are books I would recommend anyway.

Chihuahuas For Dummies: I think everyone is familiar with the “For Dummies” books. This is a good quick reference book. With chapters such as: “Fitting a Compact Canine Into Your Life”, and “Chihuahua Care and Concerns” It’s approach is both humorous and serious.

The Chihuahua Handbook: I found this book very informative and accurate with very useful information. This photo-illustrated book has instructions on housing, feeding, health care, grooming and training.

101 Uses for a Chihuahua: This is a funny, feel good book. I couldn’t help but smile throughout the reading. The photography is great and the title’s so creative. I’d highly recommend this for any dog owner, but especially Chihuahua owners and those who love them.

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How to Cope With The Loss of a Pet: This is a book I wrote for anyone coping,  or trying to cope with the loss of a beloved pet. I know how difficult it is to get over losing a pet and how much you miss them being in your life. You’ll learn about the different stages of grief and how to get through them. It has some tried and true ways that you can remember and honor your pet that are unique to you. Finally, you’ll learn to live a different, but new normal life. You can get it by clicking the “e-books” tab in our shop on this website or it is available for Kindle and as a paperback on .