Remedy’s Story


(Pun Intended)

We have a big backyard and my three Chihuahuas love to run and play. Especially Remedy Jane. Remedy came to us just last July (2015) and at this writing is now almost nine months old. Being an energetic puppy and all, she spends most of her days in the backyard, exploring, running, chasing squirrels and birds. She loves it!

Behind our house, we have a big outbuilding that takes up a big part of our yard, though there is still plenty of running room for the dogs. There is a big dog that lives in the house directly behind us. That dog and ours……..let’s just say, they are not the best of friends. Our fence is very tall so I’ve never actually seen this dog, but he has a big dog bark. And yes, my dogs like to get as close as they can to the fence and antagonize him/her (but we have it fenced off so they can’t get very close to that fence. The dog behind us has dug a hole under the fence. Not only that, but he has chewed off the bottom part the fence trying to get at them and we put a rock up to cover it.

We have a wire fence on each side of our outbuilding that reaches from the south fence to the outbuilding and one on the north side as well. There was no way my dogs could get through it and get anywhere behind the outbuilding and so couldn’t get near the hole under the fence.

My husband was in the backyard somewhere on the south side and he saw our little Remedy come running out of the house right past him through the wire fence and you, guessed it, into the big dog’s backyard. She went exploring, just as she likes to do.

How you ask? Good question. It turns out that without our knowing it the cable company had come out and pulled the wire fence back to get to some utilities and didn’t put it back or even tell us so we could make sure it was secure again. What happened to the rock that was covering the hole? We have no idea.

The dog in the back was not in his yard and my husband kept pounding on the fence and calling to Remedy to come back. She knows the “come” command and 80% of the time does, but she is still learning and something over there was just too enticing.

Then it happened! The dog came running out into the yard. I don’t blame him, he was protecting his property and it’s our responsibility as pet parents to keep our pets safe and securely in and on our property. I blame myself, well, truth be told I blame the cable guy!

Don could hear Remedy squealing and yelping and he knew the dog had a hold of her. He felt so helpless. If he ran around the block to tell the owners, it definitely would have been too late. So he just kept yelling at her to come. Finally, he saw her come running back through the hole and straight into the house through the dog door.

I was downstairs the whole time and heard nothing and had no idea what had happened. Not until I heard Remedy whimpering. You know the sound, the sound they make when you know they are really hurt.

I ran toward the stairs, that is where the dog door is and I saw my poor Remedy laying there bleeding, but alive. My husband was nowhere to be found. I called and called his name, I ran to the garage…..not there. I called out the patio door…..nothing. I ran for a towel for Remedy, that’s when I heard him come in. He was out of breath and so upset, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. When he did, he was able to tell me the dog behind us had gotten to her. I couldn’t even comprehend how that could have happened. I called our veterinarian to make sure they were still in the office, (it was after 5 pm) told them what had happened and that we were on our way. I picked up Remedy and we went, all the while trying not to speed. I was wishing we had a police light and siren on the top of our car! I was so scared she was going to die. She was shivering and whining and still bleeding.

Remedy spent the night at the veterinarians under sedation. She had some tissue and muscle damage, but thankfully no internal injuries. She is on pain medication and antibiotics and has a long recovery ahead, but we are so grateful that she will be okay.

a picture of a blue and white merle chihuahua in a wire crate, looking pretty sad
Resting At Home After Her Horrible Ordeal.

I post this because there is a lesson here. Check your property often to make sure there is no place that they can squeeze through and no way that they can get out. Even if there is no big dog, they can get run over by a car so easily. They are so small they can become prey for big birds too.

Has this or something similar happened to you? Share your experience in the comment form below and if appropriate I will share them with our readers and we can learn from each other and help each other keep our precious pets safe. (or just leave a comment in the comment section below).


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