Review: The IFetch Interactive Ball Launcher


iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs


It launches mini tennis balls and challenges dogs by learning something new and they get exercise at the same time, but there are a few things to look for before you buy.


This is the small iFetch and it is for small dogs. It comes with a power cord adapter or operates on 6 C batteries. Three tennis balls come with it and you can buy replacements, but these are not normal sized tennis balls, they are very small and you can’t find them at any pet stores, making it necessary to buy the manufactures replacements, which are a tad expensive (3 for $10).

There is an iFetch Too that is for bigger dogs, and iFetch Frenzy Mini is less expensive and rolls the balls out randomly. It does not launch them.


There are several things that I really liked about this product. Because it comes with an adapter you can use it indoors or on nice sunny days, you and your dog can have fun with it outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. (I would NOT recommend that you let your dog play with it unsupervised).

This is a great way to keep your dog entertained and happy while you are busy, but still in the room. For those that are older or not very active it is a good way for your dog to get the exercise they need while you relax and enjoy the fun they are having.

For this reason, it is good to have around on cold, windy or rainy days. I also like that it strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

For training purposes, videos are provided online (see end of post) that show you how to train your dog to fetch the balls and then return them to the machine on their own.

There are three launch settings depending on how far you want the ball to go, another good thing if you want to use it outdoors where there is more room to launch it further for even more activity.


There are a few things that I found to be negatives. One I’ve already mentioned, the fact that the tennis balls are an odd size making it necessary to buy the more expensive manufacture’s replacements. I found though that you can buy Kong Xsmall squeaky balls that come in a pack of three. They work well and are less expensive. The size could be a choking hazard however, if your dog, other animals or even children in the house could potentially swallow one.

You might have to train your dog to return the ball to the machine or they may train you to put it back for them each time. As mentioned before however, there are training videos that can be a big help if that is the case.


I give this product 4 stars. I think it is in general a very good product that does what it is intended to do and is well made and of good quality. You must know your dog and how he or she reacts to certain situations. Do they get overly excited? Are they destructive with their toys? Only you know that.


I think people that are older and/or less active and their dogs would greatly benefit from this toy. It helps the dog to be active and entertained without much effort from their human.

Dogs who love to play fetch will get hours of enjoyment out of this.

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