Reviews-Dog Food

I believe in good nutrition, both for myself and my dogs. It makes sense that if you know the importance of good nutrition for people, that it must also be important for our furry babies as well. The better the nutrition, the better our dog’s health will be. Better nutrition may prolong their life and keep them healthier longer. Please see our series of posts on nutrition.

I personally believe that the more natural the diet, the better the nutrition. So, I believe feeding them the closest to natural as possible is best, but I also know that dog food is expensive and not everyone has the time, money or circumstances to go all natural. But, regardless of our circumstances we all want the very best for our dogs. We all want them to live the longest, healthiest lives possible.

Naturally, I haven’t tried ALL these foods, so I’ve been pouring over dog food websites and reading every review I can find about that particular brand of dog food, so that I can help you decide what brand is the best food that you can afford and what type or formula of dog food fits both your budget and your circumstances.


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