Chihuahua Sneaks Nap on the Bed!

Do you allow your Chihuahua on the bed?

I think most people allow their little feet warmers on the bed. Most Chihuahua owners sleep with their Chihuahuas and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

shutterstock_451943203But there are some that prefer to have their bed to themselves and that their Chihuahua have their own bed. (like the man in the video below) I have three Chihuahuas and only one sleeps with me.

I’ll tell you why. My oldest Chihuahua will start the night just fine. He likes to sleep on my legs. His warmth and presence always feels good and helps lull me to sleep. BUT…… after the first few years of getting very little sleep, I finally had to kick him out of our bed. Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t really kick him, I gently pushed him out and he has his own very comfortable bed with a down blanket right by my side on the floor.  🙂

After the first thirty minutes or so of peaceful sleep he would get restless. I would be awakened every few minutes by his little paw scratching at my head to get my attention so I would then lift up the covers to let him under. He would get all settled in and a few minutes later he would come out from under the covers, (waking me up again) and he’d get all settled in his spot on my legs, and this would go on all night! Back and forth, up and down. For my own sanity I had to get him his own bed.

He didn’t like it at first, but I think he came to the conclusion that he also preferred sleeping by himself. He sleeps peacefully in the same spot in his bed all night long.

My 10 year old always sleeps in the same spot on our bed all night. She may move or change position at times, but she rarely wakes me up during the night. I don’t think I could sleep at night without having her right beside me.

My 1 year old is a rambunctious little puppy. She just wants to play all night! She thinks our king size bed is her personal play ground. So, you can see why she doesn’t sleep with us now. Maybe when she gets a little older and loses some of her puppy playing skills we will try it out together. She also has a big comfortable bed of her own on the floor right beside me and Chico.

I love this video of a cute little Chihuahua who knows he is not allowed on the bed, but as we Chihuahua owners know, sometimes they have a mind of their own! Enjoy!


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Don’t forget to leave us a comment below. Does your Chihuahua sleep with you? Is he or she a good bed partner? I’d love to hear from you and so would all the other readers!


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