Chihuahuas are Fabulous!

ChiChis And Me is Dedicated to These Amazing Little Creatures.


Chi: Short for Chihuahua…….which is hard to spell

ChiChi: adjective: frilly, splashy, swank, trendy…….Chihuahuas are all of those things and SO MUCH MORE!


What is a Chihuahua?

A dog is a dog, right?

Well, not exactly. If you are a dog parent then you know that all dogs are NOT the same. They all have their own little personalities and things about them that make them special, not to mention they come in all shapes and sizes. But, it is true that Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog and because of that, they require a little different care and considerations. I started this website because I want to share what makes the Chihuahua Breed unique and special.

Why should you join ChiChis And Me community?

I’m so glad you are here. My name is Linda and I am owner and designer of ChiChis And Me (visit the “about us” page to learn more about me and my Chi’s). I started this website because when I was new to the world of Chihuahuas, I looked for help and guidance in raising them. In my search, I found a lot of misinformation about Chihuahuas. I also discovered that sadly, Chihuahuas don’t have a very good reputation.

Together we can make life better for ALL Chihuahuas! ~ Linda, ChiChis And Me

I have been a stay-at-home Chihuahua mommy for many years now and I am on a mission to change people’s perception of Chihuahuas, and to help educate Chihuahua owners, so we can change the number of Chihuahuas in Shelters from #2 to NONE!! What are some of the things you’ve heard about Chihuahuas? “Mean little yippie dogs”, “little ankle biters”, “Mexican pit bulls”, etc. Ask people you know if Chihuahuas are nice little dogs and find out what people think. I’ve even heard from supposed “Chihuahua experts” that some Chihuahuas are just born mean! Really??? There are some pretty mean people in the world, how many do you think were “born” that way? Believe me when I say: Chihuahuas are not BORN mean, but they can be MADE mean!

Chihuahuas are VERY loyal and protective. But those wonderful qualities can be channeled into not so desirious qualities by how they are raised and how they are treated.

Having had many years of experience raising Chihuahuas, I want to help others with things I’ve learned (and the mistakes I’ve made) along the way. I want every Chihuahua in the world to be healthy and happy and free to be the awesome little dogs that they are meant to be. And in the process, I hope we can together change people’s perception of Chihuahuas!

Here at ChiChis and Me you will find articles and videos, both informative and heartwarming along with some that are humorous (we all love to laugh and these little dogs provide us with lots of entertainment). We have lots of fun here too. Visit our “CUTEST CHIS ON THE INTERNET” PHOTO GALLERY where we share photos and stories about our precious pooches. Every month we have a new give-a-way CONTEST, so you don’t want to miss that! We give away a new prize and new ways to enter and win every month, so be sure to visit us often so you don’t miss that either!

Chihuahua resources

You will also find Chihuahua resources, such as rescue groups, recommended reading and RESPONSIBLE breeders.

We are just beginning this journey and hope you will come along with us and that you will share all the awesome things and great stories about YOUR amazing Chihuahua(s)!

Thank you for stopping by and please visit us often because we are adding new information almost every day.

Watch These Entertaining Videos to Learn More About Chihuahuas

Please share with any one you know that loves dogs! We have a lot to do to change things for the better for these amazing little dogs!