New Puppy? Here is Your Supply Checklist


Bringing a new puppy into your life?

Congratulations! You’ll need lots of new supplies. So you don’t forget anything, here is your checklist. Along with the list, I’ve added the products mentioned, that I would suggest.

You will need these when you bring your little one home.

  1. Food
  2. Bed
  3. Leash & Collar
  4. Toys
  5. Treats
  6. Cleaning Supplies
  7. Grooming Supplies
  8. Coats & Sweaters


The number one thing you’ll need, of course, is food. If you got your puppy from a breeder, a shelter, or a rescue organization, be sure to ask what they have been feeding him. Never abruptly change a dog’s diet. Well, not if you don’t want to clean up the results of tummy upset.

There is so much emphasis now on feeding dogs fresh, homemade dog food or raw diets. I feed my own homemade dog food that I make myself. But here are a few suggestions.

I also recommend Only Natural Pet homemade dog food.


You’ll need a bed. There are many different types of beds made of many different materials. Chihuahuas love to burrow under blankets. I love cuddle cups from G.W. Little. I don’t have one yet, but it’s on my list of things I want. I love this website specifically for small dogs. Depending on your budget, they are on the expensive side, but the quality is fantastic. I have loved everything that I’ve bought there.

If the cuddle cups aren’t in your budget, these are less expensive beds that I would recommend.

Leash, collar, halter

Even tiny dogs will pull on the leash. It’s best to train them not to, but it is vital that when you walk your Chihuahua that you use a halter to prevent a collapsed trachea, also known as backward sneezing.

I’ve always had trouble figuring out how to put on a halter. These are not only easy to put on, — your dog just steps in — they are also cute and comfortable for them to wear. You can also find leashes to match to complete the ensemble.


If you are looking for bling, G.W. Little has plenty of that and they are specifically made for small and tiny dogs. They also have personalized collars.


Dogs need stimulation, that’s why I recommend interaction toys. They will not only stimulate their mind but also expend pent-up energy.

If dogs are not given enough mental and physical stimulation every day, they may very likely develop some undesirable behaviors. Things like, chewing inappropriate objects, excessive barking, tearing up furniture, pillows, etc.

Giving dogs toys are an absolute necessity. They need interaction toys and plenty of chew toys. You can find chew toys at any pet store. I have found that good interactive toys are harder to find, however. The following are some that my dogs have and love and some are my recommendations.

Amazing Interactive Dog Toys

Training Treats

Puppyhood is the best time to train and socialize your little one. You will need lots of training treats. You also don’t want your Chihuahua to get chubby, but they will need to be tiny pieces. Your Chihuahua puppy has a very small tummy and you want most of his nutrition to come from his daily meals.

Cleaning Supplies

Remember that your puppy is just learning. There will be accidents. There is no avoiding them unless you keep your Chihuahua confined at all times. Puppies need lots of interaction with their human(s), so I would not suggest that. They also are very curious little creatures. They learn and explore their environment with their noses and their mouths. Expand their world and expose them to lots of different environments under supervision. But, there will be accidents. Need help? See “6 Fail-Proof Steps to Housetraining Your Chihuahua”.

Grooming Supplies

Keeping your dog’s coat clean and brushed is important. Long haired Chihuahuas actually shed less than short haired. Long haired Chihuahuas will shed a lot, but only twice a year. Short haired Chis, however, shed all the time. They need their nails trimmed regularly. How often depends on the dog. Chico’s nails grow fast. Pebbles and Remedy’s grow a lot slower and need trimming less often.

Coats and Sweaters

Last, but not least, your new little one will need coats for walks in cold weather. He will need sweaters too. Chihuahuas, especially puppies don’t regulate body temperature well. Even indoors, if the temperature is just right for you, it is probably too cold for him. This is the case, especially when running the air-conditioner.

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