Is your Chihuahua The “Boss” in Your House? How To Overthrow His Little Dictatorship!

Why is it important to teach your Chihuahua That You Are “Boss”

At the risk of being repetitive, it must be said again. Chihuahuas are the most loyal and protective dogs. But, these wonderful qualities can be channeled into unwanted behavior if you don’t know some important things about Chihuahuas and their unique inbred temperments.

What are the signs that your Chihuahua has become “boss” of your household?

Does your Chihuahua growl when someone tries to sit in “his” chair? Does he bark as loud and as long as he pleases? Does he chew on your shoe (or another forbidden object) and refuse to give it up when he is caught? Does he guard his food with a vengeance? Is he fine as long as it’s him and you, but if someone comes close to you does he growl, snarl, snap, or worse, bite? Then it is definitely time for a “coup”! It’s time to overthrow your tiny tyrant and take over the policy making in your home!

When should I start?

It’s always best, of course, to prevent it in the first place when they are puppies. But, what if you adopted an older dog? Or, what if you have unknowingly let it happen and it’s time to take over?

What should I do first to stop my bossy Chihuahua?

If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do is to teach him the basic commands. These are:

  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • come
  • leave it
  • and especially for Chihuahuas, enough

Why is it important to start with the basic commands?

For one reason it is a great bonding experience. But, the most important reason is that you are letting him know that he must now listen to you. Using positive reward based training, he soon learns that he must do as you say if he wants that delicious piece of chicken you have in your hand.


Once your Chihuahua realizes that you are in charge not only will he be a more pleasant addition to your household, but he will be a happier. He will become a well-adjusted dog. That is because he wasn’t really happy being a boss. As the boss, it was his job (he thought) to protect you and the whole family. That’s a big responsibility for such a tiny dog!


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