Should you feed your Chihuahua table scraps?

Should you give your Chihuahua table scraps? Of course, that is your decision, but here are some facts that you should consider first about human food for dogs.

  • Chihuahua tummies are small and can’t hold much food at a time.
  • No matter how nutritious your dinner is for humans, most likely her* dog food is much better for her.
  • Dogs that eat table scraps usually lose their taste for dog food altogether.
  • If you feed your dog directly from the table, she will become an accomplished beggar. It may be cute a time or two, but your guests probably won’t find it to be cute at all.
  • Last, but not least eating table scraps is the number one cause of obesity in dogs. (see My Chihuahua is Chubby, But She Refuses to Eat Dog Food! What Should I Do?)

chocolate short haired chihuahua being fed from the table by a person with a bowl of soup on the tableSo, should you NEVER feed them table scraps? Is human food for dogs always a bad thing? Not necessarily. If you have some healthy leftovers, like chicken, steak or roast that is not highly seasoned they might enjoy having some mixed in with their dog food. Just be sure that it is well chopped or mashed. If you leave it in big chunks, they will likely inhale it and leave the rest of their food.

What dog food is best?

If you read my blog, then you know that I’m not a fan of processed dog food either. Pet parents are becoming more and more aware of the preservatives and toxins in processed dog food that are harmful. Because of that, there are more and more human grade dog foods with all natural ingredients on the market now. Only you can decide what is best for your dog.

How about dog treats?

Small treats or biscuits can be good for your Chi because they help scrape tartar off their teeth. Just remember their tiny tummies and be sure to get ones that are made small enough for toy breeds.

a chihuahua looking over a bowl of overflowing kibble or treats white backgoundChihuahuas enjoy an occasional cooked vegetable. Most dog’s digestive systems have a hard time processing raw vegetables, so it is better to give them cooked vegetables. Make sure they are cut into very small pieces and that they have cooled sufficiently.

Treats When training

Treats are necessary when training your dog, just be sure they are very small and that they still get most of their calories from regular meals. Small pieces of cheese or chicken make good training treats. Just be sure your dog isn’t lactose intolerant. If they are, cheese can cause gas and stomach cramps. If this is the case, you BOTH may suffer the consequences. The only way to know is to try a tiny piece of cheese. If they show no signs of gas or discomfort, then cheese will be a good treat for your dog. Most dogs love cheese and will do any trick or task for a cheese treat.

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