Meet An Amazing Woman and Her 4 Amazing Chihuahuas

Left to right, Sir MoMo, Tío Benito, Captain Choli Churro, Lady Paloma Linda

Julie Docherty is very proud of her brood of 4 adorable senior citizens.

Julie has a special place in her heart for dogs in their golden years. It all started five years ago when she adopted an 11-year old Chi named Sir MoMo. She and Mo bonded while he was recovering from surgery to remove an eye. That is also when she came to realize how many senior dogs are in shelters. Senior dogs seldom get adopted, people are looking for puppies or young dogs in the shelters. It just broke her heart. (Mine too while I was writing this.)

She said in an e-mail that “Mo’s eyesight is not great, and neither is his hearing, but he is the kindest, gentlest soul.”

Since then she has adopted 4 more old Chihuahuas, most from Tiny Loving Canines, a rescue center in Ventura County, California. So, now her fur family includes Choli Churro, Paloma Linda, and Benito. They range in age from 13 to 16 years. That would be about 68 to 80 years for humans. Another Chihuahua named Lalo Flan died of cancer awhile back.

We know how much Chihuahuas like to hang out in the sun and these pups are no exception. Julie says, “they definitely hang out together especially if it’s in a desirable spot in the sun. Paloma and Benito are the closest. Mo tends to like his space. Choli will invite himself to flop next to anyone. He enjoys tormenting Benito.”

Older Chihuahuas make great little companions

Since they are all senior citizens, they, of course, have some health issues, including periodontal disease, arthritis, and heart failure as well as MoMo’s missing eye.

But, she has learned that owning senior dogs definitely has its advantages. She says, “Things are pretty calm with these four, no hyper chewing, puppy energy. No need for long walks. With senior dogs, you never nap alone. They sleep. A lot. And have an enormous capacity for love, with and attitude of gratitude.”

These dogs are becoming social media stars too. You can follow them on Julies Instagram page at JemAndTheMisfits.

I have a 14-year-old Chihuahua named Chico myself and I can attest to the advantages to owning a senior dog. I have three altogether, Pebbles is 10 and then I have Remedy Jane who is not quite two at this writing. She is a handful at times, not because she is naughty, she just has lots and lots of puppy energy still and I don’t! Meet my three.