Chihuahuas Got Spunk!

While scouring the internet recently, I came across and article that cheered me immensely. I wanted to share it with you. I think it is so inspiring and shows what spunky little dogs Chihuahuas are. It never ceases to amaze me how although so tiny, what great big hearts and spirits Chihuahuas have. I hope you find it as heartwarming as I did.

It can be a cruel world!

This little Chihuahua was abandoned on the streets of SanFranscisco, left in a box to fend for herself and probably die. As if that wasn’t enough, this tiny little creature was born without functional legs. According to a good Samaritan, people would either walk on by without even a glance or they would peer into the box and see her defect and then just keep walking. One person picked her up, looked her over and then put her right back in the damp soggy box she was left in.

 A person with a heart.

Finally, a person with a heart, named Jene came along and rescued this poor little girl, but after he got her home he realized that she needed more help and care than he could give her. But rather than just abandoning her, he took her where he knew there were people that loved animals. He took her to the SPCA where he hoped she could get the kind of care she desperately needed.

“Despite her challenges, Daffodil was a typical puppy at heart: curious, playful, and so very adorable,” the SPCA wrote.

Resourceful as she was, she had already learned to get around pretty well. But she couldn’t romp around, chase toys, or run in circles like the other dogs.


Wanting to give her the life that she deserved, like trips to the beach and puppy play dates, so the SPCA decided to give her her own set of wheels.

With the help of OrthoPets, a company that specializes in animal prosthetics, along with generous donations from kind-hearted people, she was soon fitted with a four-wheeled prosthetic. This would allow her to move around with greater speed and efficiency.

“This resilient little puppy [ran] for the first time in her life. Just like that: she was given the chance, and she just went for it,” wrote the SPCA.

Daffidol gets a new home!

In a happy twist to the story, Daffodil was later adopted by an employee of OrthoPets. According to the SPCA’s blog post, the employee, named Olivia, had fallen in love with the pooch after seeing photos and was determined to adopt the dog even though she lived in Colorado.

I wish for Daffodil and her kind-hearted hero a long, mobile, and happy life together! I know you do too.



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