Meet Little Gracie, a One-Eared Chihuahua


I love reading inspiring Chi stories, so I like to share them with you. This one is from Chihuahua Rescue of SanDiago about little Gracie, a one-eared Chihuahua. If you have a Chihuahua rescue story you’d like to tell, e-mail me at with the subject line: Inspiring Stories.

Gracie-Photo courtesy of Chihuahua Rescue of SanDiago

Gracie’s rescuer, Tracy first saw her picture on Facebook. She wanted to adopt her, but her landlord would not budge his strict “no dog policy”, not even for a little 7lb Chihuahua.

Soon after she found out that she was adopted. A friend of Tracy’s told her that Gracie’s foster mother was stopping by her house and that she was bringing Gracie. So of course, Tracy said, “I needed to see this cute little nugget in person”, in spite of the fact that she wasn’t able to adopt her.

Gracie had become very attached to her foster mother and when Tracy went to her friend’s house to meet her she stuck like glue to her foster mother, but as Tracy got ready to leave Gracie jumped off the couch and was pawing at Tracy’s legs wanting to be picked up. She was wagging her tail and giving Tracy kisses. Tracy said, “apparently she knew somehow that they belonged together”.

Getting Shuffled Around

Poor little Gracie had been rescued from being euthanized and then shuffled around from place to place. It seemed she’d never find her fur-ever home.

A couple of days later she found out that Gracie had once again been returned. The other dog in the house was mean to Gracie so she was sent back to her foster home. Well, Tracy knew exactly what to do. She told her landlord that she was adopting that 7lb little Chihuahua and gave him her 30-day notice!

Another Happy Ending

Tracy says; “The day I picked her up we went all over town shopping for dog food, toys, leashes and the such. As soon as I opened my front door she ran around my apartment going crazy as though she had been there a million times. She knew she was home.”

“Gracie is a little fireball of energy, has the sweetest personality, gives tons of love and brings sunshine and joy to my life.  I am so thankful she found me and we share our forever home together.”

Don’t you just love “happily ever after” stories?

If you have a Chihuahua rescue story you’d like to tell, e-mail me at with the subject line: Inspiring Stories.

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