NomNomNow Fresh Healthy Dog Food Review, Part II, Transition

NomNomNow Review: Part II, Transition

Changing your dog’s diet to healthy, gently cooked dog food

As you know, in part I of this review, I am trying dog food delivery from NomNomNow. Well, Chico, Pebbles and Remedy Jane have been trying it, and this along with the next part in this review is my honest opinion of the results.

The next step in this dog food delivery system is the transition period. It’s been two weeks for us now and I want to tell you about our experience of the first two weeks.

As I’m sure you are aware, you should not just abruptly change a dog’s diet. Why? Sometimes it doesn’t matter. If your dog, for instance, has an iron stomach, there may be no need to switch his diet gradually. But, for most dogs, like mine, changing their diet abruptly will upset their gastrointestinal tract. So, if you don’t want to clean up the results of an upset stomach, just don’t do it.

How to transition to healthy dog food explained

NomNomNow leaves no doubt exactly how to do it. Your first order will come with transition packages of food with the percentages clearly marked on the packages. They send an email and a booklet with a calendar showing what package to mix with your dog’s current food and for exactly how long until they are eating only NomNomNow healthy dog food.

Transitioning my dogs to NomNomNow healthy dog food

All I can say about it is it couldn’t have gone better. As a result of the gradual change, they suffered no ill effects. I have noticed a change in their coats already. Their coats of all three are much shinier and softer.

three packages of nomnomnow gently cooked dog food
The first day of the two weeks of my dog’s transition food

The company sent me an email asking how well my dogs are doing with the transitioning so far. I’ve never dealt with a company that seems to really care about my dogs.

Their reaction to the healthy gently cooked dog food

I sometimes think that dogs can tell time. I always feed my dogs’ first thing in the morning when we get up and again at 5:00 in the evening. They know when it is time to eat, and no matter what I am doing at exactly 5:00 pm Chico has always sat in front of me moving his front paws up and down impatiently while staring at me.

Blue Merle Chihuahua eating out of a blue bowl
Remedy Jane chowing down on her Chicken ChowWow

Pebbles on the other hand, has always been, so we thought, a picky eater. Now at 5:00 pm she will go to the kitchen and start whining. She never did that before NomNomNow. When I go to the refrigerator to get their NomNomNow fresh food, they all three follow me into the kitchen and sit and stare at me while I am putting it in their bowls. Pebbles will even stand on her hind legs trying to reach it before I put it down for her.

fawn and whit short haired chihuahua standing on hind legs with tail wagging
Look at Pebble’s tail wagging, she loves this fresh dog food


All I can say now is that so far my husband and I are both extremely happy with NomNomNow and I think if my dogs could talk, they would tell you the same.

Are you ready to try it for yourself? There is no better time than now …..

How does NomNomNow know the exact right portion for your dog?

How did my dogs like NomNomNow?

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