How To Stop Your Chi’s Bad Behavior For Good

Basic “Must Know” Commands

There are some basic commands that ALL dogs must know, but because of the Chihuahua’s sassy little attitude and their tendency to want to take over, these are just as important, if not more important for a Chihuahua to learn. They are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • NO
  • Enough
  • Leave it

Some think that because of their diminutive size, teaching a Chi these commands is unnecessary. They couldn’t be more wrong. Teaching your Chi these six commands will restore peace and harmony in your home AND may even save their life. For instance, if your Chi is about to run out in the street his obeying the “NO”  or “Come” command may very well save his life. If you’re walking your dog and he starts to eat a poisonous plant, obeying the “Leave it” command could likewise save his life. You can learn more about the “enough” command here. In this post, we will learn the ins and outs of the “NO” command.

Teaching them the meaning of “NO”

In the case of Chihuahuas, especially, sometimes owners unknowingly reinforce bad behavior by the things they do or say. When you utter the word “NO” your Chihuahua should stop whatever he or she is doing immediately. No means “stop what you are doing right now and don’t ever do it again!” If you say it in a sharp, firm, loud (not yelling) voice, your meaning won’t be lost on them. If your voice is not forceful, clap your hands after you say it. But, say it and/or clap your hands only once.

Many people make the mistake (I’m guilty too sometimes) of repeating no, no, no, over and over again or clapping over and over. Please resist the urge to do that. If you do, the word soon becomes meaningless to them and they will completely ignore it. You want to immediately grab their attention and let them know that you really mean it.

If you have already desensitized them to the word “NO” then think of another word that doesn’t have a similar sound and start using it only when you want them to know that you mean business.

What to never, ever do!

Never, ever touch your dog in anger! Always keep your cool. If you yell, scream, or hit your dog all you will do is teach him to fear you. He may stop the behavior, but out of fear, not because he wants to please you. He will lose confidence and a fearful dog is an angry, unhappy dog. I know that is not what you want for your little guy or girl.

The body language of this dog is fear. You don’t want your Chi to be afraid of you.


Last, but not least

Remember that probably 90% of bad behavior is boredom. If you walk or in some way make sure they get enough exercise every day, they are way less likely to engage in bad behavior.

Making sure your dog gets adequate exercise will be a lifelong commitment. It is the most practical and natural way to most unwanted behaviors.

Great for those that are not able (or too tired, or over-worked) to adequately exercise their dog

While we’re on the subject, I know that it’s not always easy to make sure they get enough exercise.  For instance, it may be hard for an elderly or disabled Chi owner to walk their dog. People are so busy these days that adding “exercise or walk the dog” is just another thing to add to their ever-growing to-do list.

I want to share with you a product that is very effective and helpful. I’ll be honest, I have not tried this …. yet, but every review I’ve read has been positive. Some just rave about it. So I thought it may be something to share with you because it would be helpful with stopping bad behavior. I have nothing to do with the company that manufactures the product.

The Manners Minder Treat and Train

How the MannersMinder Works:

Manners Minder replaces the pet’s old bowl, holding and dispensing your dog’s kibble. Food can be dispensed by remote control (which sounds an audible tone) or automatically in programmed intervals (e.g., later in the program when your dog’s desired behavior is to stay quietly in one place). You’ll learn to use Manners Minder’s “tone and treat” techniques along with visual cues and verbal cues so your dog will clearly understand the good behavior you want.

MannersMinder Product Features:

  • Reward your dog’s good behavior instantly by remote control
  • The Manners-Minder Remote works through walls and up to 100 ft. away
  • Use the Manners-Minder to feed your pet a treat every few seconds or minutes to help teach dogs to be alone, crate train the dog, or to sit still while grooming
  • Train obedience commands such as “stay”, “sit”, “down”, and “come here”
  • Train your dog to behave around guests so they don’t jump on them or bark
  • Crate train or teach your dog to be calm when alone. The Manners Minder is ideal for preventing and working with mild separation anxiety
  • Train your dog to lay down politely instead of begging at the table
  • Train your dog to sit still while you groom them
  • Train the pet to do tricks

What’s Included With The Manners Minder:

  • The Manners-Minder hand-held remote that can operate on 4 separate channels with a distance up to 100 ft.
  • A target training wand with detachable base to teach your dog tricks
  • The MannersMinder has two treat dispenser disks for different sized food
  • Complete instructions including an illustrated training manual and DVD

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